Rated 1.0

I absolutely can’t stand the way Hilary Swank speaks in this movie. Her portrayal of Amelia Earhart stands as one of the year’s worst performances, a surprising feat coming from a reliable two-time Oscar winner. Her line deliveries are often forced and silly, with her work here never flowing on a realistic level. She’s like some sort of poorly constructed Amelia Earhart action figure that says stupid things. Director Mira Nair makes a good-looking movie, but this one is severely lacking in substance. The film spends more time on Earhart’s complicated love life than it does exploring what drove the woman to fly. Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor are stilted bores as Earhart’s husband and lover. It’s not a good time at the movies when you want to punch yourself in the face every time the main actress speaks. One of the year’s worst films, a true disaster.