Amee Chapman

Still Life

Amee Chapman is a Northern California native steeped in the roots of American music. Her self-released third release, Still Life, is a collection of beautiful, intimate sketches that tell tales of the lonely and wounded. These songs—co-written with Nichole Robbins and backed by a bevy of San Francisco musicians, including Mother Hips’ John Hofer and vocalist Jolie Holland—showcase Chapman’s versatile songwriting vision. She moves from the country waltz of “Softest Spots” and the quiet violin melodies of “Seaward Jack” to the Sheryl Crow sounds of “Tattoo Cowboy.” But it’s songs like “Still Life of a Man”—with its subtly abrasive, ambient Wilco-esque background—and the simple, Mazzy Star-styled guitar lines of “Wishing Well” that show Chapman’s willingness to break from the traditional folksinger mold.