Always prepared

Judy McGlaughlin

Photo By David Robert

Judy McGlaughlin is Shaun McGlaughlin’s mother. Shaun is a Boy Scout in Troop 35. That troop is selling Christmas trees at Moana Nursery, as it has since time immemorial. The News & Review headed over to spread a little Christmas cheer. All the Boy Scouts were in school, so we got to speak to Shaun’s mom.

How long have the Boy Scouts been selling trees here?

We’ve been at this spot for 27 years, I think.

How long have you personally been selling trees?

Five years, as long as my son’s been in the troop.

What do you do with the money generated by the sales?

This funds all of our activities for the year. We pay at least half the expense of the boys for summer camp. We do monthly camping trips. We have other functions, help other people. We’ve donated to kids in hospitals.

Do you have any idea how much you make?

We split with Troop 15. Right off-hand, I couldn’t tell you how much. We have a smaller troop than Troop 15, so we do a little better for our boys.

How long have you been a Boy Scout mother?

My son started in Cub Scouts in first grade, and he’s now a sophomore in high school.

Is there a benefit to being in the Boy Scouts?

I think so. My son is a very nice young man, and most of the boys that are in this troop and other troops are nice young men.

What do they learn by being a Boy Scout?

They learn how to help others, good

morals. They can fend for themselves; they go camping, wilderness training.

Do you see any irony in the Boy Scouts, a nature group, selling Christmas trees?

That’ll die? Well, yes, poor trees, I do feel sorry for them. They’re beautiful, but people love them.

Have any funny stories about people coming in to buy trees?

Not really, I’ve had a lot of people coming in to buy Charlie Brown trees this year.

What’s a Charlie Brown tree?

It’s a tree with hardly any limbs on it.

Do people usually know what they want in a tree?

About half do. Some people will come in with a certain idea but will see a tree they like better.

Who has the cheapest trees in town?

We get $5 a foot, and for the grands and nobles, it’s $8 a foot.

Did you buy your tree here?

Yes I did. I buy my tree here every year.

What else about trees?

Moana Nursery donates the spot every year to us. Sani-Hut donates the Sani-Hut, and Sierra Power donates the electricity.