Along Came Polly

Folks, run out to the local video store and get a copy of The Ben Stiller Show, just released to DVD. In this two-disc set, you will find some of the funnier spoofs of movies and TV shows. That show was made 10 years ago, and since then, Stiller has had a nice ride at the cinemas. However, he’s shooting stink balls now, and this one, while not as bad as last year’s Duplex, finds him floundering in the same old role of put-upon guy having gross stuff happen to him. Jennifer Aniston is cute as the title character, and Philip Seymour Hoffman has a few moments as the wacky sidekick, but the film is an overall mess. Stiller has Starsky & Hutch in the near future and the troubled Envy with Jack Black that’s rumored to be swill. Stiller needs a good script, or a good sketch show on HBO. No more bodily fluid jokes.