All work and some play

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Great weekend. While it started with RN&R work, it quickly denigrated to RN&R play. We had our Best of Northern Nevada party at the Golden Phoenix. I’m always surprised at the busy people who show up at these things, but I guess if you offer someone free booze, free food and certificates of merit, you’ll get takers. Kind of like the Grammies. At any rate, John Murphy and I wear tuxedos and play masters of ceremony. He’s the clever one. My job is just to move things along and be John’s ugly bridesmaid. I told one joke. It flew like a frozen turkey.

After the party, we headed over to one of the winners, the Green Room, to hear Native Root play in the “Best place to hear live music.” Great band, great fun. After a few more cocktails, Kathleen and I headed to our room at the Golden Phoenix. Pretty funny, the casino is getting ready to change to condos, and it’s very obvious. The cord between the telephone handset and the phone was missing, as was the painting over the bed, although its brackets were still there. The vacuums must have already been sold off, too. I don’t even want to describe the breakfast I had the next morning. Kind of poignant, really, I worked as a bartender in that place when it was the Flamingo.

Saturday, Kathleen and I joined a hundred or so others at the High Desert Montessori School to help construct a playground. Nevada Conservation Corps and AmeriCorps volunteers were a big presence and help there as well. I had the slightest of hangovers, but I don’t think anyone noticed. I worked with various groups, including the one that was removing junipers from the organic garden and the one that was painting four-square and tetherball courts. The only person I really felt sorry for was the guy manning the trencher on the future soccer field.

And on Sunday, you can bet I took a nap.