All things considered

Above All Things

From left, drummer Chris Tufino, bassist Jason Thomas and singer-songwriter Julian Peach of Above All Things.

From left, drummer Chris Tufino, bassist Jason Thomas and singer-songwriter Julian Peach of Above All Things.

Photo By David Robert

Above All Things plays March 25 at Club Underground, 555 E. Fourth St., 8 p.m., $5. Call 786-2582 for more information.

From tattoos to dreadlocks, careless clothing to mellow personas, Above All Things is a loud rock band that does a splendid job of uniquely depicting themselves. Being a group that frowns on self-promotion and prefers to be discovered through the outlook of “walk-ins welcome,” this trio of self-proclaimed “rock gods” have managed to create quite a profile for themselves.

Composed of three members—Julian Peach (lead vocals/guitar), Jason Thomas (bass), and Chris Tufino (drums)—Above All Things is considered the focal band for each member, although they all belong to other bands within the Reno area, including December, Cranium and Seveneyes.

In a world of inspiration, where people are encouraged by those before them, this local band draws the line of its musical motivation to one aspect in particular: women and the heartache they can induce. “After we play a show, people always approach us to say they know exactly where we’re coming from,” says Peach, the sole lyricist of the band. “I write about heartbreak, and that’s something that everyone can relate to and has been through.”

The band is purposely imprecise about their show turnouts—"2,000,” says one band member; “12,” says another. This outlook helps display their self-perception as struggling musicians who simply don’t mind struggling as long as they get to play music and have fun.

Peach and Thomas have toured extensively together with December, and Peach claims, “I don’t mind sleeping in a van for a month and showering once a week, so long as I get to rock.” Although Above All Things hasn’t yet been on tour, they’ve come a long way in the year and a half they’ve been together. That includes producing and recording their self-titled debut CD in the miniature studio inside Peach’s home.

Thomas and Tufino have proven to be awesome contributors to Above All Things. Thomas came to the group with almost no experience as a bassist, although you’d never guess it when listening to their blunt, earsplitting music. Tufino was referred to Peach by a friend, and although Peach previously had another drummer in mind, that all went out the door the minute he realized Tufino—a merciless drum-basher—was exactly what he was looking for.

Speaking of his earlier years, Peach says that when he started to play guitar, he was your “average long-haired teenager that loved anything really aggressive.” Now, the 32-year-old states, “I’d like to think that I’ve managed to fold my influences together and maybe come up with something a little different.” His biggest inspiration on his journey towards becoming a rocker was his father: “Anytime I write a song, in the back of my head I always think to myself, ‘Would my dad like this song?'”

It’s just a guess, but Peach’s dad must like the sound of heartache and loss lying beneath a surface of emotional, hard rock.