All the news that’s hard to find

Have questions but don’t know where to seek the answers? Try a green newsletter. is one of the most popular ecology sites. is one of the most popular ecology sites.

Curious about greenhouse gases and global warming? Concerned about genetically modified crops and acts of Congress? Ever wish there was someone who would sift through the complicated science and convoluted politics and give you the straight poop? Environmental newsletters are just a keystroke away.

A few minutes a week might be all you need to improve your understanding of the most pressing eco-issues of the day. Here are some of the best online environmental newsletters available.

The Daily GRIST

GRIST is the source for environmental news. They let you know what’s going on by scouring the headlines every day and sending out a neat little email with selected particulars, a few short paragraphs at a time. If you’re interested in more details, they provide links so you can go straight to the source, like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Guardian. And there’s a twist: they’ve got a sense of humor.

Recent stories:

• What Price Carbon? How high a price for carbon is needed to make renewables competitive.

• The Wipe Stuff: The best brand of recycled TP.


Environmental Data Interactive Exchange, Europe’s biggest environmental website, is “an online resource for environmental professionals, researchers and all those with an interest in green issues.” EDIE will send a weekly newsletter that summarizes internationally breaking stories ranging from air pollution violations to problems with genetically modified crops. It offers in-depth analysis at website as well as an impressive job center for those looking to jump the pond.

Recent stories:

• Eco-town design competition launched in the UK

• Irish government to improve organic farming

E, The Environmental News Magazine

Now in its 18th year, E is a clearinghouse of information, news and resources for people concerned about the environment who want to know what they can do to make a difference. The print version is published monthly, but you can subscribe to their email newsletter by signing up at You’ll get informed about current and emerging issues including endangered species, air and water quality, and food safety.

Recent stories:

• The War on Sharks: The grisly world of shark finning.

• Catalog Chaos: Capping the amount of junk in your mailbox.