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Co-owner Chad Collins pours drinks at Blitz Bar & Grill

Co-owner Chad Collins pours drinks at Blitz Bar & Grill

Photo By Allison Young

When I invited my friend Casey to check out Blitz Bar & Grill with me, he told that me he’d heard they have really good food. Then he admitted this praise had come from someone in a NASCAR jacket. So when I pulled up to a strip mall that housed a DUI center, and noticed the parking lot was full of motorcycles, I was feeling a bit nervous. I like a dive bar as much as the next person, but bikers and NASCAR fans are not usually my kind of crowd. When I walked in, I realized that Blitz caters to all kinds of crowds because the place was filled with blue-collar workers, guys in suits, bikers and even a baby.

Inside is large and dark with a bar and tall tables off to the side. In the back, there’s a pool table and darts. Overall, the place is a lot cleaner than I was expecting. Yeah, yeah, I’m a snob who judges places based on appearance alone. We took a seat at the bar and started off with some Ickys ($3). The choices of beers on tap ranged from PBR to Anderson Valley. Casey and I were getting a bit of the stink eye from some guys who appeared to be regulars, until I ordered us a couple of Jaeger bombs ($6), at which point we were celebrated and basically made members of the tribe. As I’ve always suspected, Jaeger really is the key to making friends.

During our time at Blitz, there were two staff members working, a man and a woman. I didn’t catch the guy’s name, but I certainly caught the female’s name—Trish, or “Effin Trish” as I like to call her because this gal had a mouth that would make a sailor blush. When we asked what she would recommend, basically every description had a few F-bombs thrown in. Not in an unfriendly manner, mind you, that’s just the way she talks, and I liked it. The menu offers basic bar food with lots of burgers and sandwiches to choose from. They also offer daily specials Monday through Friday.

On Trish’s recommendation, we ordered the chicken bacon avocado sandwich ($8.69), which Trish assured us was “really fucking good.” We also went with the Philly Cheesesteak ($8.99). The plates quickly arrived with gigantic sandwiches and a large serving of fries on each. The chicken bacon avocado sandwich was the favorite with tons of avocado and bacon atop a large grilled chicken breast. The sandwich came on a French roll that was soft and managed to hold all the ingredients together. The Philly Cheesesteak was good, but the meat was a little dry. The addition of red and green peppers plus onions helped to liven it up though. I was also happy to see Jack cheese on this versus that awful bright orange fake shit. Look at that, Trish is rubbing off on me! We probably ate about half our sandwiches and were more than full.

Blitz was having some sort of biker night, which seemed to have a large following. We ended up taking off pretty quickly after our meals as the place was starting to fill up. Despite the place’s rough exterior and some intimidating patrons, we had a decent meal and a cold beer at a good price. Trish cracked us up throughout the experience, so who knows, if I get a hankering for biker night, I might just come back.