Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Rated 1.0

First off, I want to clear up some confusion concerning this film’s title: It incorrectly implies that just one predator is fighting all of the aliens and, damn it, that’s just not true. There are multiple predators in this film, including the hilarious Pred-Alien, a hybrid monster that comes into existence after a predator gets one of those alien face-huggers on his head. The second thing that needs to be cleared up is the “Requiem” part. That word alone suggests a “classic” conclusion to this brain-dead series. It’s a big word that I doubt many characters in the film could even comprehend. There are no Catholic masses or pieces of music written to accompany a classic mass in this film. No aliens or predators can be seen singing their laments. The word “Requiem” should be stricken from the title. A more suitable title would be Aliens Vs. Predator: Shitty Looking Smackdown That Will Hopefully Mark the Last Chapter In This Sorry-Ass Saga.