Airlines get wings clipped

With the price of fuel on the rise, airlines are cutting flights by the hundreds in order to save money and stay in business. But that’s not all they’re cutting.

Airlines like US Airways are cutting down on weight, leaving only the necessities in order to lower fuel costs. The airline has taken out trash compactors and ovens. They’ve upgraded to lighter meal carts and silverware, taken out magazine racks and removed in-seat phones.

Jet Blue is also cutting weight. They’ve removed extra trash bins and have also upgraded to lighter meal carts. They expect to save $1.7 million in annual fuel costs.

Meanwhile, Delta is taking a different approach. They’ve offered to buyout 30,000 of their own employees in order to save cash, in turn leaving 40 planes on the ground and cutting their U.S. capacity by 10 percent.

Passengers can expect fewer routes on smaller planes with plastic forks in hand.