Injured survivors of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas are learning the difficulty of dealing with what some call the world’s finest health care system. Many of the victims have reported having to pay large sums out of pocket. Friends or family members of various wounded victims have set up funds for them as the costs started becoming apparent.

There are more than 100,000 gunshots treated in emergency rooms annually. Health Affairs reports a study indicating that “The mean per person [emergency room] and inpatient charges were $5,254 and $95,887, respectively.”

The Washington Post reported on California copier repairperson Jonathan Smith, who aided numerous people in Las Vegas and took a bullet in the neck. Doctors have not found a way to safely remove the bullet.

Splinter News reported on Zack Mesker, shot in the pelvis as he and a friend were trying to get out of the area. “Zack is currently in the ICU and has a long road ahead of him,” according to his GoFundMe page. “His injuries are internal as well as external. Zack and his family need to pay unexpected medical expenses and recovery rehab.” About two-thirds of the $50,000 goal set for his fund has been raised.

Las Vegas GoFundMe campaigns can be found here: