After party

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Well, that was fun. Big thanks to everyone who made it out to our Best of Northern Nevada winners’ party last weekend. The property at the Elm Estate is gorgeous, the food by Chef Mark Estee and his team at Liberty Food & Wine Exchange was delicious, and the tunes by my friend DJ Andrew were bangin’.

But, of course, the real reason to attend the BONN party, like any worthwhile clambake, is for the people. It’s always a treat to see so many of Reno’s best and brightest movers and shakers hobnobing at our event. I think some folks like to win just so they can go to the party, which, in all honesty, is as good a reason as any.

Props to my colleagues over on our sales staff for doing 99 percent of the hard work putting the shindig together, although I was more than happy to take credit from revelers who talked to me during the event. The sales team did all the calling and wrangling to set up the event and to get all the invites out to all the winners.

However, if by some fluke or missed connection, you didn’t hear from them, but you would still like to pick up your winner’s plaque—featuring some of Jaxon Northon’s amazing artwork—feel free to stop by our office, 760 Margrave Drive, during usual business hours. Nothing makes an already established business seem even more successful than a handsome BONN plaque. And beware of any shady operators who call you up and want you to buy a plaque. Those people aren’t with us. You’ve already earned your laurels as far as we’re concerned.

Oh, and here’s a quick crystal ball prediction: Next month, there will be a whole slew of national media stories about how Nevada elected a dead pimp to the state assembly.