Adam F Presents Drum and Bass Warfare

If you like your electronica on the, er, gangsta rap tip, then you’ll get a big kick out of this two-disc compilation thrown together by hip hop producer Adam F. It’s actually kind of surprising that we haven’t seen more projects like this one: It’s basically a hip hop compilation featuring artists like Redman, LL Cool J, Guru (remember him, from Gang Starr?) and M.O.P., all of them remixed in a hard drum ’n’ bass style and presented in a seamless continuous mix. Usually drum ’n’ bass is either cold and mechanistic or drenched in smoky reggae atmosphere. The music on this collection falls somewhere in between, combining the self-conscious menace and chest-thumping machismo of gangsta rap with the frenetic beats of drum ’n’ bass. The result is exciting at first but gets a bit boring by the end of the two discs.