Ally Edmonds

Photo By David Robert

During a difficult childhood—she and her brother are being raised by their retired grandparents—Ally Edmonds, 11, has still managed to be a focused and accomplished student with numerous academic honors and perfect attendance. She’s now engaged in raising $6,000 to take advantage of one of the rewards that has come her way for her hard work—serving as a “Youth Ambassador” in a program that will take her to Europe as a representative of American youth, a program designed to give young citizens of different countries face-to-face exposure to each other. Contributions to her travel fund can be sent to her through the Elmcrest Elementary School Parent Faculty Association.

If you’re a youth ambassador, what does that mean?

You get to travel the world and see different places and show people that our country is good.

How did you qualify for this?

I was nominated by teachers.


[Laughing] Because I’m a well-rounded student.

Tell me about your life in school.

I get straight A’s. I’ve never gotten lower than a B in school. And I’m in band at school. I play the flute, and next year, I’m hoping to play to the saxophone.

Who’s your best friend?

A girl named Penny Lane.

Penny Lane?




You know the song?

Yes. Her parents are big fans of the Beatles.

I can tell. Why are you friends?

Because we have the same interests.

Why do you want this ambassadorship?

Because I think it’s great to get out—because I’ve never been anyplace except California, and so I kind of want to see what the rest of the world is.