Rated 3.0

Justin Long shows real star power in this movie that’s slightly below his talents but mildly entertaining all the same. He plays Bartleby, a college reject who decides to start a fake school to deceive his parents and help his friends. The premise is ridiculous, sort of like those crappy but endearing ’80s films starring John Cusack (Better off Dead, One Crazy Summer) that propelled forward despite their plots thanks to fun lead and supporting performances. Long, in some instances, has a charm similar to Cusack’s, firing off dialogue in a rambling manner that reminds of Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything. John’s sister, Ann Cusack, plays Bartleby’s mom, so the movie boasts a Cusack connection. Long’s youthful exuberance and looks completely hide the fact that he’s 28 years-old, a full decade older than the character he is playing. Not all that good, but somehow enjoyable.