Absolute Ultraman!


“Using the Beta Capsule, Hayata becomes Ultraman!” If that catch phrase registers, here’s your Web site. The original Ultraman (1966-67) was a cheesy half-hour Japanese TV show that featured the exploits of the Science Patrol, who tooled around Tokyo and thereabouts in a silver Corvair (calling Ralph Nader), looking for abnormal doings. "Science Patrol—there is a high level of radioactivity in this area!" a white-coated lab type would cry out, and soon a guy in a giant lobster suit—the Baltan seijin, Ultraman’s extraterrestrial crustacean nemesis—or some other weird byproduct of nuclear science run amok would be stamping all over a plastic replica of Tokyo until Ultraman arrived to karate-chop him back into the monster dimension. There were many Ultramen after the original, and this site catalogues them all, along with monsters, episodes, weapons, theme songs and more. This site rocks.