A tender Filet

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Let’s talk about Filet of Soul for a minute. That’s our new “church review” column. I put church review in quotation marks because it’s not really a church review in the sense of a theatre or movie review. I try not to make judgments based on my own preferences, imagined knowledge or prior experience.

The column has received a rather heart-warming response, far beyond what I expected when I first imagined this column a few years ago.

There are a couple things about the column I’d like to see improve. For one, I really would like more people to invite me to their place of worship. It’s cool. I’m housebroken and everything. I realize I don’t need an invitation, and frankly, the people who were supposed to meet me at such and such a time before church have been somewhat flakey. But still, for a one-shot review, there are occasional questions I’d like answered at the moment they arise.

Now, here’s the other thing: Why, with the exception of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, have only people who practice varieties of Christianity invited me? There are all kinds of faiths in the area: Muslim, Jewish, Hindi, Pagan, and some stuff I’ve never even heard of. Let’s get some variety going here. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of the spiritual life in Northern Nevada, but the things I’ve been learning make me feel like I’m on the verge of a revelation.

Also, where are the letters to the editor? I got a great letter (to me, not to the letters section) the week I wrote the first one but no reply when I asked if it was cool to publish it. Surely, there’s more than one anonymous person in this city who thinks exposing people to religion is sacrilegious or disrespectful.

I’d like to improve this column, so if there are things that I’m not writing about that readers would like me to address, drop me a line.