A Serious Man

Rated 5.0

Surprise, surprise … the Coen brothers have made yet another masterpiece. Seriously, this is just getting silly; they seemingly can do no wrong. This time out they are working from their original script about Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg), a college professor trying to cope with major, cataclysmic life changes in the late ’60s. His wife is leaving him, his brother (Richard Kind) is weird and won’t go away, and his rabbis aren’t helping. The Coens manage a great dark comedy about a put-upon man while brilliantly exploring the wonders of their Jewish heritage. The stuff that we Coen fans have come to love is all here; these guys just can’t seem to let a single sub-par frame of film go by. Stuhlbarg deserves Oscar consideration for his work here, as do the Coens, who officially continue their streak of no bad films. Seriously, all of their films are good. It’s remarkable.