A serious body count

Could it be the reason that so many of those who deny climate change, or at least humanity's part in the whole mess, do so because the real message of this phenomenon is “Hey folks! This fun little game you're playing everywhere? Even in Mongolia and Vanuatu? You know, the money game? The private property game? The millions living in wealth while billions live in rags game? The rapacious capitalist dump-the-crap-in-the-ocean game? Well, I hate to break it to you, but you're a little off. This game you're all so embroiled in, a game so large and pervasive that most have forgotten it's a game at all, it's doomed to fail. And fail colossally. This climate situation is but the first symptom, a sign that, ultimately, it'll just be too much. Something's gotta give. It ain't gonna be me. Love, Gaia.”

This deep underlying message is one that climate change deniers simply can't stand. So instead of heeding, they do what people have so often done when confronted with an unpleasant message—kill, or at least ridicule, the messenger.

Then there's this latest cop killing, the one in South Carolina featuring the shocking shooting of Walter Scott by Officer Michael Slager. A couple of things. First, the guy who took that video is a genuine hero. A solid citizen who was able to be solid because he had a smartphone. Let's not overlook the fact that he did a great job with that phone. He didn't choke, freeze or freak. He kept it together, hit the right button, and got the shot. Well done, Citizen X. In your humble way, you're a bigger hero than Tom Brady or LeBron James will ever be.

Our phones are wondrous devices, crucially important in many ways. Without them, we would have far less evidence to back up the claims that the cops are basically out there running amok. And amok feels like the right word. Chew on the following. In March, American cops killed 111 people. One hundred eleven. That just happens to be more people than British cops have killed since 1900. NINETEEN FUCKING HUNDRED. So in one month, American cops killed more citizens than British cops have killed in the last 115 years. Protect and Serve? Hmmm. Insert dark sarcastic comment here.

Make no mistake. We have a problem. A big problem. In fact, I'll just go ahead and rank Cops Killing Unarmed Citizens as a larger national problem than Unemployment or Terrorists. I mean, shit, the cops are racking up body counts that would make ISIS drool with envy! You think those cretins wouldn't just love to toetag 100 Americans a month?

Everywhere you go nowadays in urban America, you look up, and you're likely gonna see a camera. Big Brother, checkin' you out, for all kinds of things. Well, goddammit, we got our phones, BB, and we're lookin' right back atcha. And running tape. Maybe you should watch your ass.