A Royal Flush

The Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada is all about the winners, the kings and queens of our little corner of the universe

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Way to go, Northern Nevada!

A special congratulations to all those individuals and businesses who received top billing in our popularity contest. A special thanks to the folks who participated in our survey—you are truly Northern Nevada royalty. We know that you are committed to getting the word out about the places, people and things you love best.

In a democracy such as ours, we shy away from assigning the term “royalty.” But in a gambling town like Reno, the symbolism of the face cards in the deck is a natural—the smartest, nicest, tastiest, grooviest, “best” among us are our royalty. Still, the fundamental theme of our “Best Of” never changes: It’s great to be the best!

And while our readers’ poll is never about the newspaper that publishes it, readers of this year’s results should be aware that we have more categories than ever before; so many, in fact, that we could only run the First Place winners in the newsprint version of the paper. Second and third place winners are running online at www.newsreview.com/reno. You should also know that we didn’t only have more categories, we also had more people than ever—1,096 verified users—who were willing to take a sizable chunk of their day to complete our hunormous poll.

Thanks to each and every one of you for helping us to make this year’s the most comprehensive and accurate Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada ever.