A puzzle within

The new state tourism slogan—“A world within. A state apart.”—has raised a lot of questions. Foremost among them: “What does it mean?”

That was the question we got from five people when we asked half a dozen Vassar Street post office patrons to read it and give us their reactions. The sixth said it reminded her of “that slogan—I forget what it was—that the city looked at.”

She's referring to “A Little West of Center,” which was rejected by Reno officials as a city slogan. Mayor Bob Cashell was particularly outspoken, calling it “embarrassing.”

So we decided to ask Cashell about “A world within. A state apart.”

“I don't understand it,” the mayor said. “I guess I'm not smart enough.”

On Yahoo Answers, on the very day the new slogan was announced, an entry was posted under the headline “What does ‘A world within. A state apart.' mean?” The reader, who signed him/herself Katsutoshi, wrote, “It doesn't make sense to me who is a foreigner. Could you explain it in plain language for me?”

A reader responded:

“A world within: It means Nevada is like a small world within its boundaries. It has everything that the world has.

“A state apart: It means Nevada is very different from the other states. It is not the same as the other states.”

Meanwhile, Sparks Tribune columnist Andrew Barbano faulted claims that AWWASA is the first state “brand.” Barbano recalled “Bet on it,” a familiar campaign 45 years ago that used catchlines like “Is Nevada the place for world class entertainment? Bet on it.” “Is Nevada great for skiing? Bet on it.”

Barbano said, “Pros in the business took their hats off to that bull's eye of a campaign that would fit any specific.”