A mightier wind

Changes to Nevada’s WindGenerations incentive program will allow residents to get rebates for bigger systems than was previously allowed. NV Energy has doubled the cap on the total amount of kilowatts that can qualify them for financial incentives from 30 kW to 60 kW for homeowners. It’s also been raised to 250 kW for small businesses and 500 kW for agricultural customers.

The incentive rate per watt hasn’t changed. For homes, businesses and farms, it remains at $2.50 per watt for the first 10 kW and $1.50 per watt for subsequent watts. For schools and public buildings, it’s $3 per watt for the first 10 kW and $2 per watt after that.

The revisions were made to encourage more Nevadans to install small wind turbines at their homes and businesses, according to NV Energy spokesperson Karl Walquist.

Since the WindGenerations program began in August 2008, 25 projects generating 72.2 kW have been completed and applications for 67 more installations are pending.