A look at art and independent films coming to the Keystone at Riverside:

The Man Who Wasn’t There
(Now playing)

Billy Bob Thornton plays a scheming barber married to a cheating wife (Frances McDormand) in this Coen brothers thriller. See Bob Grimm’s review on page 27.

(Now playing)

A waitress (Audry Tatou) practices random acts of kindness and ends up falling in love in this French film with English subtitles. The movie has been a hit at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals.

Sidewalks of New York
(Opens Nov. 30)

This witty, Manhattan-style comedy, in which mismatched couples interact with star-crossed lovers, is directed by Edward Burns.

Tortilla Soup
(Opens Dec. 7)

The relationship between a Mexican-American widower and his three grown daughters is structured around the family’s traditional Sunday dinners in this year’s contender for “foodie” classic.

Waking Life
(Opens Dec. 14)

Transcending the boundaries of technology and imagination, this film by Richard Linklater, who directed Dazed and Confused, is touted as a breakthrough in film animation.

Va Savoir
(Opens Dec. 21)

Three men and three women become entangled in one another’s lives during the brief run of a play in this romantic comedy set in Paris. It’s in French with English subtitles.

(Opens Dec. 28)

Steve Martin plays a prosperous dentist bent on a well-ordered existence. Enter an alluring new patient (Helena Bonham Carter), who sucks the tooth guy into society’s seedy underbelly, seething with sex, drugs and murder.