A light bulb goes on

Sierra Pacific Power Company is subsidizing the local sale of compact fluorescent light bulbs. A package of four 60-watts reportedly goes for $8 but is being sold for $3. Sierra Pacific purchased a large supply of the bulbs, which are being sold through local stores.

But at least one local Scolari’s Grocery—the one on Pyramid Way—didn’t get the word and was giving the discount only to holders of the Scolari’s grocery card. Non-card holders were being charged the full price. After an inquiry from the RN&R, the price was dropped back down for all comers.

Sierra Pacific purchased a large supply of the bulbs from Feit Electric of Pico Rivera, Calif., which describes itself as “the most innovative light bulb company in the world.”

Location of stores where the Sierra Pacific bulbs are being sold can be found at http://portal.ecosconsulting.com/npsp_public/SPPCstore_locator.asp