A last word on Palin

In last week’s RN&R, I saw some horrific writing that needs to be firmly and promptly addressed. Unfortunately, the offending twaddle to which I refer was in this very space! Yeah, it always sucks when that happens; I grab the paper, read everybody else’s stuff, then get to the back page and—Jesus, I wrote WHAT?!?!

I’m talking about last week’s comments about Gov. Sarah Palin, where I opined that she may have a political future, possibly as a senatorial candidate from Alaska. As a bona fide member of the “Obamanation,” that may well be interpreted by fellow “Obamaniacs” that I have somehow gone soft on the governor. Not really. But, to paraphrase the late Ricky Ricardo, “I got some ’splainin’ to do!”

First off, I never really gave a damn about her $150,000 clothing scandal. And I really didn’t care if hubby Todd was a member of the Alaska Secessionist Party, nor was I all that shocked with the “high crime” of Troopergate. To tell the truth, I thought left-leaning television commentators became over-obsessed with Sarah Stuff, desperately searching to find any juicy despicables in her past that would truly tarnish her in the eyes of the electorate. (Now, the witch doctor thing was a tad weird, I’ll admit.)

But in the end, all the hoohah about secessionism and shopping sprees and vendettas against evil in-laws didn’t do one-tenth of the damage to Palin that she did to herself with the now infamous Katie Couric interviews. Which is somewhat ironic. For all the heat that she’s taken for her less-than-stellar stint as the anchor of the CBS Evening News, it was Couric, not Olbermann, not Blitzer, not Gibson, who managed to get Palin’s pants around her ankles.

The other doom factor for Sarah was that she wasn’t allowed to be interviewed for national TV without Papa John by her side. After the Couric disaster, it was an understandable play on the part of McCain’s team, but still … it didn’t just look bad, it looked BAD.

So now, the threat of a clearly underqualified President Palin has passed, a threat that many of us Obamaniacs considered a little too real, considering the age of ole Johnny boy. But, to get back to my remarks from last week, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that the goggle-eyed governor was gonna give it another go in the near future, in the form of a House/Senate run. Why? Because Alaska appears to be FREAKIN’ NUTS! I mean, they just got the news in October that their long-time senator, Ted “King Crab” Stevens, was convicted of a whole passel of corruption felonies. So what do they do? Send him back to D.C.! In a wacky state like that, a ditzoid Rapturist wolf-huntin’ hockey mom might well have an extremely gleaming future.