A different reality

BuzzFeed.com is accusing the Romney campaign of faking a photo of a Nevada event to make the turnout seem larger.

The campaign photo appears on a site that provides photos to the media, Instaprint, at http://instagram.com/p/RI87WFEr3o/.

And there does appear to be something strange about it. The row of aisle seats on two different seating sections in the photo are identical, suggesting that the same section of seating was included in the photo twice—and creating a non-existent aisle between them.

The Romney site does not identify the location—the only caption reads “America’s Comeback Team in Nevada! #RomneyRyan2012”—but it was taken of a rally under a tent at Henderson Pavilion on Oct. 23.

BuzzFeed wasn’t the only place where the odd photos were noticed. Readers checking the Romney page posted messages like “This picture is altered to make the crowd seem larger. What awful photoshop.” That was signed DanielAPfister.

The BuzzFeed version of the photo is at http://tinyurl.com/9k3yxkw.