A bloody favorite

Pictures, plaques, doodads and more: the walls of PJ & Co.

Pictures, plaques, doodads and more: the walls of PJ & Co.

Photo By Nick Higman

PJ & Co. Restaurant Saloon

1590 S. Wells Ave.
Reno, NV 89502

(775) 323-6366

My husband and I were thinking about buying a house. We arranged with our realtor to view the place on a Sunday morning, and my parents joined us for moral support. After we had looked it over thoroughly, we decided we needed more time to think. And a strong Bloody Mary. We found both at PJ & Company Restaurant Saloon.

PJ & Co. is a classic American café, serving a variety of food from sunup to sundown. My parents have long been fans, and for years I have listened to them extol the virtues of the restaurant’s delicious ribs, burgers and breakfast burritos. That Sunday morning, however, was my first visit. We decided that next time, we won’t go on a Sunday. Apparently, everyone in Reno who attends church attends PJ & Co. afterward. So we arrived with the throngs and took our place in the waiting area, which is small and a tad cramped. After a quarter of an hour, we were fetched by our server, and within minutes I was sipping on a Bloody Mary ($7) and feeling better.

The atmosphere at PJ & Co. is cheerful and welcoming. It calls to mind the old diners that were once scattered about the country before large chains bought up everything and did away with anything fresh, handmade or original. PJ & Co. has successfully stood its ground for more than 20 years. The staff is friendly, competent and usually bustling. All sorts of pictures, plaques and other doodads hang on the walls, making the room feel busy but cozy. It’s a fun place to eat, and families of all ages and sizes can be found there.

My family snuggled into our seats and ate and drank our fill. My husband and I each had a sautéed veggie omelet ($10.25) which was absolutely stuffed with broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach and lots of scrumptious cheese. Much like our omelets beforehand, we were stuffed to the gills afterward. The portions are generous at PJ & Co., and we had some to take home.

My mom had the huevos rancheros ($10.50). She licked her lips and declared repeatedly that it’s all she ever orders at PJ & Co. because she’d hate to miss out on it. My dad jumped at the chance to have the fluffy buttermilk pancakes (full stack, $6.95). We all had tasty potatoes with our meals, as well as our choice of toast, biscuit, coffee cake, cornbread or croissant. Breakfast at PJ & Co. is a great way to start the day, unless you’re planning on being industrious afterward. We went straight home and took naps to help our bodies digest the feast.

PJ & Co. offers more than breakfast. The lunch and dinner menus include all sorts of burgers, sandwiches and salads (from $9 to $12), as well as a full bar and desserts. And Wednesday is “Bike Night,” when PJ & Co. opens its doors to more than a hundred motorbike enthusiasts and offers drink specials and a cozy patio on which to enjoy them.

After our nap we decided it couldn’t hurt to wait another few months before buying a house, considering how swiftly prices are dropping. After all, any money saved on a house could be another Bloody Mary at PJ & Co. No wonder it’s a local favorite.