50 First Dates

Rated 2.0 This is Adam Sandler stuck in his lousy “cute” mode, and I’m getting tired of it. After the great move that was Punch-Drunk Love, he’s been showing up in crap, and this one is no exception. He reunites with Drew Barrymore, his costar from The Wedding Singer, for an asinine story about falling in love with a woman possessing no short-term memory. The movie, set in Hawaii, is kind of sick, but not in a good way. Rob Schneider gets some laughs, but Sandler flails for the most part. Barrymore works hard, but her part is so ridiculous, her work is in vain. A scene where Sandler serenades her with a ukulele had me almost forcing myself to pass out to avoid the horror. I miss the Sandler slob comedies, and I’d rather see sequels to Happy Gilmore and Little Nicky rather than this tripe. The best scene in the film is when a walrus vomits.