Rated 3.0

Director Roland Emmerich kicks Earth’s ass again with this occasionally exciting apocalyptic disaster movie. Just like the Mayan calendar predicted, Earth looks like it will see its final day in the year 2012. What the Mayans didn’t predict is that a plucky author moonlighting as a limo driver (John Cusack) might just survive the whole thing. Emmerich always manages to put decent special effects on the screen, and this one is no exception. The Earth gets smoked with outstanding cinematic virtuosity. But Emmerich does put stupid words in people’s mouths, and that gets tiresome at times. The last 30 minutes are quite awful. Still, there’s enough fun to be had, and seeing this on a big screen is the way to go. When Yellowstone Park becomes a volcanic fireball, Emmerich is at the top of his game. Casting Cusack was a good idea because he classes up the joint.