2 Foot Yard

Kihlstedt is one of the founding members of Tin Hat Trio, and this “side project”—with Kihlstedt (violin and vocals), Marika Hughes (cello and vocals) and Shahzad Ismaily (percussion)—was the surprise hit at the Arts Presenters’ Conference in New York last winter. This debut gives a sampling of their interests and inclinations: a diverse set of miniature vignettes that swerve from the Carters’ “50 Miles” to breath sounds as lyrics and snippets of poems by Kenneth Patchen; from Tom Waits-esque drunken swagger and astringent violin-laced vocals to flash floods of acoustic punk and serene minimal Nordic soundscapes. Alluding to both urban gardens and a shortchanged measurement, the group combines a diverse range of sounds and soundings that easily and defiantly cross genres, styles and time periods without flinching.