10 things you might forget to bring to Burning Man

Most often forgotten Burning Man items

1. Extra batteries

2. Spare pair of contact lenses

3. Lotion for dry feet. It’s a desert, you walk a lot—you get the idea.

4. Tools to help you remove your tent stakes, like a fulcrum.

5. Medications. We don’t recommend going off your meds at Burning Man. Bring stuff like Neosporin and aspirin, too.

6. Ear plugs. The playa can be noisy any hour of the day, especially at night, and definitely if you’re right next to a techno camp.

7. The right kind of toilet paper. That would be one-ply.

8. A mirror. You must see how fabulous you look in tights and fairy wings, right?

9. Your inhibitions. We hate to say it, but, you know, it’s true.

10. Your ticket. They’re not selling tickets at the playa entrance this year, so be sure to get them beforehand.