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Ngaio’s top 10 for 420 SN&R’s weed writer’s top 10 strains of 2017, written on his phone from Berlin at a weed conference.

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SN&R’s tourism guide for locals.

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INDULGE in the latest fine food and drinks highlighted in our annual dining guide.

Best of Sacramento
It’s once again time to celebrate all things Sacramento, old and new.

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Annual guide highlighting Sacramento's rich Mexican culture and heritage and guiding readers to the best events and festivities.

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Local Stories
California’s attorney general is just the latest to officially accuse heath care giant of wrongdoing.
Like other rappers before him, Deandre Rogers blurred the line between gang life and musical ambitions.
An aggregation of stories from SN&R on the subject of poverty in our region.
Coverage of California's low rate of participation in the CalFresh (Food Stamps) program.
Editor's Note This year’s 420 Issue is packed with budbound content, as always, to sate your curiosity, your intellect and your giggle bones.
Letters Our readers care about the separation of church and state, fiscal responsibility and accuracy in naming federal lands. And one, we hope, is being sarcastic.
Ask Joey Do I owe it to my mother to take care of her, even if it ruins my life?
15 Minutes Sacramento startup builds digital games for the visually impaired.
The 420 Does California have the best weed?
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The Republican plan is called a Ponzi Scheme. HM...

re:Reporting while black
Posted 04/18/2018 6:53PM by hughmontgomery
Norway, etc. are inhabited by civilized people. The USA is a multicultural curse that is...

re:Mapping racism
Posted 04/16/2018 5:27PM by B_Hupa
Why is there no discussion of the indigenous inhabitants of Sacramento? You can’t discuss the...

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Trumpeter-composer Terence Blanchard brings his electric band to Davis to defend black lives.
Ruby the Hatchet, American Killers and others play tokeable show.
Longtime folk-singer Mike Justis and his band gear up for two Mondavi Center gigs this year.
Arts & Culture
YouTuber and ultra satirically spiritual JP Sears and stoner comic Doug Benson come to Punch Line during 4/20 weekend.
The Fleet Foxes came to play in California for the first time 10 years ago and to Sacramento for the first time a few days ago.
Off Menu - An experiment in B.I.Y. My first weed-butter-infused lava cake looks bad but works.



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